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What Can Your Bowel Movements Tell You About Your GI Health?

Posted: Apr 23 in Blog by colon90210

Most of us flush as quickly as possible, and don’t give it much thought. But changes in your bowel movements – in the frequency, texture, color, or smell – is often the first sign of an issue with your gastrointestinal health. By getting to know your own normal, you will know when things are just […]

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Early Signs of Colon Cancer in Men

Posted: Apr 18 in Blog by colon90210

Many men are concerned about their cancer risk, and how to reduce it. In the case of colon cancer, this concern is certainly warranted: early detection of colon cancer is associated with increased survival outcomes. Some of these symptoms could be indicative of other problems. Without proper screening, there is no way to know for […]

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Colonoscopies and the Elderly, Is it Worth It?

Posted: Apr 16 in Blog by colon90210

Preventing disease and catching it early if it occurs is a cornerstone of health for people of all ages. Colonoscopies are an essential part of preventative health for colorectal cancer, as well as being a helpful diagnostic tool for other gastrointestinal conditions. However, like most medical interventions, colonoscopies come with inherent risks, some of which […]

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Can My Diet Be Causing IBD?

Posted: Apr 11 in Blog by colon90210

Inflammatory bowel disease, often confused with irritable bowel syndrome, encompasses a wide range of disorders that interfere with motility of substances through the entire digestive tract. A number of triggers can irritate the small intestine and colon, causing sensitivity to a number of stimuli. Little scientific evidence is available today pointing to specific foods that […]

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How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

Posted: Apr 09 in Blog by colon90210

For many, a colonoscopy requires both mental and physical preparation.  A colonoscopy is a visual examination of the inside of the rectum and the large intestine or colon through a fiber-optic scope.  A camera fitted to the end of the scope senda video feed to a monitor in the procedure or treatment room. Colonoscopies are […]

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Intestinal Parasites: Fact vs. Fiction

Posted: Apr 04 in Blog by colon90210

If Internet lore and pop science are to be believed, many of us have entire colonies of parasites making dinner out of our gastrointestinal tract. According to those who follow this belief, most people have worms, amoeba, and protozoa wreaking havoc in their intestines, stealing their nutrition, and leaving behind scores of waste that isn’t […]

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Is a Colonoscopy Really a Pain in the …?

Posted: Apr 02 in Blog by colon90210

Most of us cringe when our doctor recommends a colonoscopy. That is so painful and embarrassing! But is it, really? Does a colonoscopy hurt? Pain is the most common perception about a colonoscopy. However, most patients find it to be more unpleasant and uncomfortable than painful. What is a Colonoscopy? Unless you have symptoms or […]

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Get Back to Your Normal Routine Faster With PPH

Posted: Mar 28 in Blog by colon90210

Newer, less invasive hemorrhoid treatments are getting patients back to work and their normal activities. Traditional hemorrhoidectomy operations are known for causing more pain than the hemorrhoids themselves did, at least temporarily. Those who undergo this type of procedure report significant pain in the hours and days following surgery. Many require a week or more […]

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Drinking “Raw” Water Could Lead to Serious Gastrointestinal Illness

Posted: Mar 26 in Blog by colon90210

People from across the country are on the hunt for local springs, lakes, rivers, and sources of groundwater where they can collect what they call “raw water.” Some even drink rain water. In Los Angeles, you can buy “raw” spring water imported from Oregon if you’re willing to spend almost $9 a gallon. While raw […]

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Will Exercise Aggravate my Colon Cancer Symptoms?

Posted: Jan 30 in Colon Cancer by colon90210
Will Exercise Aggravate My Colon Cancer Symptoms?

If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer in Los Angeles and are experiencing severe symptoms, then you will probably be worried about doing anything to make them even worse.  If you were previously an active person, then it is perfectly normal for you to want to carry on with physical activities that you enjoy. However, […]

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