What’s a Black Carrot?

Black Carrot's Potential to Prevent Colon CancerOriginally from the Middle East, black carrots have made their way into nutrition stores in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood to help fight against colon cancer.

When you think of carrots, you probably think of the orange varieties that are such a favorite of Bugs Bunny and other fictional rabbits. Orange carrots are by far the most popular type of carrot in the United States, but they are not the only hue of carrot on the market.

Purple or black carrots have started to make an appearance at health food stores and farmer’s markets. These darker-hued carrots have a slightly different taste and a plethora of health benefits that the orange carrots fall short of, like being rich in antioxidants and having the potential to fight against colon cancer in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Of course, orange carrots are healthy too. Particularly known for their ability to detoxify the liver and improve eyesight, orange carrots are a favorite in salads, soups and side dishes.

Yet there is one area of health in which orange carrots fall short. New research from the University of Queensland reports that black carrots could potentially help prevent colon cancer.

Black Carrots and Colon Cancer

Black carrots have the same polyphenols as blueberries and red wine—foods that have long been respected for their antioxidant content and cancer-fighting capabilities. Polyphenols are antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, thus helping prevent cellular damage in the body—like cancer.

The polyphenols in black carrots are released during the chewing process, as is a great deal of fiber. The antioxidant combines with the fiber to travel slowly through the digestive system. Researchers noted that the fiber in the black carrots helped to effectively deliver useful polyphenols directly to the colon, possibly helping to prevent the development of colon cancer in particular.

Black carrots are becoming more popular in the United States as they are gradually being recognized for their many health benefits. You can usually find black carrots at health food stores and farmers markets throughout Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. To find a farmers market that sells black carrots nearest to you, check out the interactive market map from the Los Angeles Times.

If you have more questions or want to learn more about the effects of black carrots on the fight against colon and rectal cancer, visit your local Los Angeles proctologist for a diagnosis.